Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives in Homeschooling

Today is Sorry Day and I would like to extend my apologies to all Aboriginal people past, present and future from where I live on Darug and Gundungurra land. One thing I’ve enjoyed about homeschooling over the last few months is the freedom to embed different cultural perspectives into our curriculum, particularly Indigenous voices. EachContinue reading “Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives in Homeschooling”

Coming to the end of 50 Days of Bluey

Since the announcement that in NSW kids are being forced back into the classroom full-time I’ve been feeling a bit emotional. I won’t get into the politics of it all. Mostly I just feel a bit sad we’re coming to the end of our homeschooling journey, and thus, the #50daysofbluey project. We’re opting to keepContinue reading “Coming to the end of 50 Days of Bluey”

Week 8 – Plus MORE Activity Guides!

The second season of Bluey has been filled with so many gorgeous, funny, and heart-warming episodes like Sleepytime, Hammerbarn, The Show, Rug Island, Escape… I could go on and on. For this reason, and partly because iView simply hasn’t been airing as many “older” Bluey episodes, they’ve been less present in this project. So thisContinue reading “Week 8 – Plus MORE Activity Guides!”

Week 7 – Plus Download New Activity Guides

First of all, a very Happy Mother’s Day to anyone reading this today. I’ll keep this shirt and sweet and dive straight into this week’s episodes: Bingo Tickle Crabs Hospital Charades I spent a lot of time this week working on some free resources you can download. As part of the “Bingo” episodes I’ve createdContinue reading “Week 7 – Plus Download New Activity Guides”

Week 3 of 50 Days of Bluey

How’s everyone going in quarantine land? Pulling your hair out? Enjoying the family time? A little of both? I hear ya. Having this project to work on has definitely helped keep me sane and I’ve also enjoyed meeting a new community of parents who are also doing the #50daysofbluey challenge. JOIN US ON FACEBOOK! IContinue reading “Week 3 of 50 Days of Bluey”