Happy Easter!

Just wanted to write a quick post wishing everyone a happy Easter long weekend. I’m not posting new Bluey activities this week, but will post again on Sunday 19 April.

In the mean time I thought I’d post some Easter activities I’ve done with my kids in years past. What are you making this year?

This week Luella and I painted these wood slices and some stones and decorated them with Easter messages. We’re going to leave them around the neighbourhood for people to find. (As was part of our Neighbours day)

When we did our Hammerbarn day Luella discovered this awesome technique using a paint scraper to make psychedelic patterns. Yesterday we cut them out and strung them into an Easter garland.

We used a similar technique at a playgroup a few years ago, but with a squeegee instead.

Another messy painting technique – cut a potato in half and carve out some polka dots or stripes and you’ve got an Easter egg stamp.

Another playgroup favourite is chocolate play dough. Mix in some cookie cutters and colourful accessories and the kids play with this forever. Basically I just use the regular playdough recipe that’s on the box of cream of tartar and sub in 1/4 Cup of cocoa power for 1/4 Cup of flour. It smells divine, but as your kids will find out when they inevitably try to eat it, the taste is not so sweet đŸ˜‰

That said I often try to not make chocolate into the focal point of Easter. So back in 2017 Sydney Creative Play hosted an egg-hunt, but instead of treats inside, the eggs were filled with craft supplies. (In retrospect I’d have used less glitter – yikes.)

Then we cut egg shaped holes into a piece of paper and added a piece of contact paper where the kids could use their supplies to decorate the eggs. We repeated it the following year for my kids and their friends in a nearby park.

Though actually I’ve been using that idea since way back in 2014 when I filled Luella’s eggs with coloured rice, buttons and ribbons. Here she is rocking pigtails at not quite two years old. Why does this feel like a hundred years ago?

And here she is at nearly 8, drawing Easter bunnies.

Last year I spent Easter at a winery in Adelaide Hills and I’d be lying if I said this year is just as fun. But we’re making the most of it and are thankful that the Easter Bunny has been classed as an essential worker. Phew!

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