Week 8 – Plus MORE Activity Guides!

The second season of Bluey has been filled with so many gorgeous, funny, and heart-warming episodes like Sleepytime, Hammerbarn, The Show, Rug Island, Escape… I could go on and on. For this reason, and partly because iView simply hasn’t been airing as many “older” Bluey episodes, they’ve been less present in this project.

So this week I thought we’d cover some Season 1 classics:

I’ve also put together the next set of 10 activity guides.

You can now download and print:

50 Days of Bluey – Part 2

And you can still download 50 Days of Bluey – Part 1.

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing up (at least in NSW) I realise there may be less demand for activities you can do without leaving the house. But I know personally that I’ve been enjoying our slower pace of life – not carting around the kids to after-school activities and the never ending series of birthday parties.

Though I know they miss their friends and the regular social interaction, we’re still taking things fairly cautiously and continuing to hunker down at home for a while. Lucky we still have Bluey and Bingo to keep us company!


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