Big School Scavenger Hunt

By all accounts it’s been a pretty unusual year. One of my family’s biggest challenges has been our son’s preschool – or lack thereof. Between moving house twice, a pandemic and just a lack of options here in the mountains he’s only had a few months of preschool all up. Despite this, and after a lot of agonising and going back and forth we’ve decided to work towards starting him in Kindergarten next year.

Although he’s got some additional challenges that we’re working really hard to overcome, he’s expressing a lot of interest in starting “big school”. It helps that we’ve got an incredibly supportive and flexible principal who is allowing us to do a visit after school today so he can explore the space without being overwhelmed by all the other kids.

We’ve been chatting about what to expect. One thing he’s nervous about is not knowing where things are, which is what inspired me to make this:


I’ve made this customised to our local public school but I thought it’s probably general enough that (except maybe for “chickens”) it can apply to most schools, which is why I’ve made it available to download. It’s just made with clipart from Canva, nothing fancy.
My hope is it’ll give him a fun task to focus on and take away from his nerves, and also help him remember where all the important places at school are.
Do you have any other play-based ideas for helping kids transition into school? I’d love to hear them!


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