Week 5 of 50 Days of Bluey

Well, here we are again. A few people have wondered why I’m spending time of this when the world is in such a state of anxiety. But I’m the type of person that needs a project to throw myself into to keep from spiralling.

It’s a good distraction from the 24/7 newsfeed and I think the structure that’s flexible but with enough of a routine makes it easier for both me and my kids to feel like things are relatively normal.

I’m not planning to send my kids back to school one day a week, but I respect that’s a personal decision. So I’ll be here churning out activity ideas for a while (at least 50 days, right?)

So why not join in the fun: JOIN US ON FACEBOOK!

And without further adieu, here are this week’s episodes:

A few quick snaps from the last week. My daughter and I mapped out the solar system for a Sleepytime space adventure.

Kim created a beautiful lesson on ANZAC Day and her own family history for Army.

Simon and his kids built this truly epic train for, you guessed it, Trains.

My kids got busy in the kitchen making rice paper rolls for Takeaway.

And Mary’s kids had a Stumpfest in their yard!


Mary is also one of the hosts of my new favourite podcast: Gotta Be Done – The Bluey Podcast. She and fellow mum Kate analyse a different Bluey episode each week in a hilarious level of detail. Listen to a few of their episodes and you’ll start picking up on easter eggs and developing your own fan theories – like, do Bandit and Stripe have a mystery brother??

Keep tuning in to find out 🙂

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