Week 6 of 50 Days of Bluey

In the lead-up to Mother’s Day I decided to feature episodes this week that celebrate mums – whether it’s pretend-playing as a mum or highlighting everyone favourite cartoon dog mum Chilli.

I’ve also started cutting down the number of episodes from 5 to 4. I’m finding that by Fridays my kids are pretty tapped out and need a bit of a break so we’re really only doing 4 episodes a week. Also, my daughter’s school has ramped up the amount of work they’re sending home this term so we’re navigating a new balance.

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And away we go….

In other news 50 Days of Bluey was featured in a great Kidspot article this week. So welcome to everyone who’s found this project recently. Feel free to go back and play any of the other episodes from previous weeks. Nearly all of them are still on iView.

Screenshot from the article:


Pictured above is something I’m working on – free downloads to see how I’ve implemented the activities with my kids, with what what learning areas are covered from gross motor skills to numeracy to world culture.

I’ll be releasing 10 of these a week – hopefully starting tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.



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