Week 4 of 50 Days of Bluey

I hope everyone enjoyed a little bit of a break over Easter. For many of us, of course, it was just same same. But I found myself missing the routine of homeschooling. There’s so many memes going around about setting up distance learning schedules or ignoring it all to just play and I just want to put my two cents in and say: DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

If you need routine, create a routine. If trying to keep on top of work assigned by school stresses you out, ignore the work from school. Most experts are unconcerned about what kids might be “missing out” on and are instead encouraging us to focus on the positives of staying in. That’s why #50daysofbluey is designed to be flexible.

Don’t like art and craft? Skip it! Don’t have a lot of books at home? Find resources on YouTube. Only have time in the day for a lunchtime walk around the neighbourhood. That’s fine – use that time to chat, ask questions about the world, observe things you’ve never noticed before, tell stories.

Got a bit more time? We’ve got lots of ideas this week and you can JOIN US ON FACEBOOK!

A few quick snaps from the last week. Here’s my kiddos playing with their Magic Asparagus wand.

Kim’s kids learned some practical life skills hammering nails into potatoes for Hammerbarn.

And they made some cardboard box trains for their dolls for Trains.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather with some nature walks and made this fairy garden for Fairies.

And in an obviously prescient moment, Madeleine’s son drew his own Escape inspired “dream house car”.

It’s awesome to see a lot of other Bluey-inspired activities out there now as well (though I like to think we were the trend-setters.. hehe).

The ABC have of course put out a wealth of educational content to aid parents.

And the official Bluey website has a number of games and crafts plus more ideas on their Facebook page.

I’ve focused less on branded content in my resources (seeing as I’d love to not be sued for copyright infringement) and am working on some info around learning areas and curriculum connections for each episode, so watch this space.

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