Coming to the end of 50 Days of Bluey

Since the announcement that in NSW kids are being forced back into the classroom full-time I’ve been feeling a bit emotional. I won’t get into the politics of it all. Mostly I just feel a bit sad we’re coming to the end of our homeschooling journey, and thus, the #50daysofbluey project.

We’re opting to keep our seven year old home for one more week to get a better idea of whether infection rates will go back up and her teacher has already provided all the at-home materials for another week of distance education.

I haven’t quite hit the 50 episodes mark yet, so I may still have a few episodes up my sleeve that I might do with just my four year old, or a weekend here or there (or, you know, the possible second wave…)

But this is the last week I’m going to put out formally and in that spirit I let my seven year old choose all of the episodes for this week.

On another personal note, our family was also evicted from our home this week. We’ve been here less than a year and we absolutely love our house and garden so we’re pretty devastated. So while we scramble for a new place to live I won’t have time to put out activity guides and extras on a regular basis.

It’s been nice to reinvigorate this blog, as well as reinvigorate my love for play-based learning and creative projects with my kiddos. Hopefully the creativity will continue once we move beyond quarantine!

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