Our Authors and Illustrators

Sharon Baldwin, Author
Sharon is the founder of Loose Parts Press. Previously she ran a nonprofit children’s art organisation in Sydney and worked as a family photographer before moving to the Blue Mountains. She is a mama of two who enjoys bushwalking and attempting to grow her own veggies – but is much better at cooking and eating them. Follow Sharon on Instagram.

Tia Madden

Tia Madden, Illustrator
Tia Madden is an Artist and Illustrator from the Blue Mountains, where she grew up with her twin brother and older brother. She studies a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW Art & Design, and loves to draw, paint, and make things. Tia loves to read and write, and loves to imagine and illustrate the adventures that Will, Yasmin and Chloe get up to as the Gardeneers. Follow Tia on Instagram.

Katharine Rogers, Author
Katharine is an award-winning short film writer/director, digital producer at the ABC, and curator for Sydney Film Festival.  She has worked in the arts and media for 20 years in Sydney and London.  Follow Katharine on Instagram.

Nana Sakata, Illustrator
Nana is an illustrator who loves to draw animals and imaginary creatures. She has been exhibiting her artworks in various art galleries around Sydney and Melbourne. Nana also had two children, one of whom has inspired the book “Cockatoo Magic.” You can purchase her artwork on Etsy.  Follow Nana on Instagram.

Skye Taylor, Author & Illustrator
Skye Taylor is a creative who lives in the Blue Mountains on Darug and Gundungarra country with her gorgeous family and beloved yet very mischievous cat Lucky. Her home is also visited by a fox every now and then who has, on occasion, stolen her shoes. Friends, camping and cups of tea are her happy place. Preferably all three at the same time. Follow Skye on Instagram.

Tyger-Lee, Author
Tyger-Lee is a psychotherapist living in the Blue Mountains on Darug and Gundungarra country. Her books Inspire creativity and play. She is passionate about the environment, community and mental health. Visit her website TygerLee.com. Follow Tyger-Lee on Instagram.

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