New 50 Days of Bluey Lessons

Welcome to all the new subscribers I’ve gotten since launching my 50 Days of Bluey series. It’s wonderful to have people following along and finding ways to keep the kids engaged while we weather these challenging times. One awesome fans of the SCP Facebook page has also taken the initiative of starting a group forContinue reading “New 50 Days of Bluey Lessons”

Surviving Social Distancing with Young Kids

With my family and I currently self-isolating due to COVID-19, this seemed like a good time to resurrect this blog. A few personal updates… I am no longer a “Sydney Creative Playworker” having moved in 2019 to the Blue Mountains. It’s been a big year of transition. We moved from a small urban terrace houseContinue reading “Surviving Social Distancing with Young Kids”

Sydney Creative Play is Now Closed

After six months of paperwork I have finally gotten confirmation from Fair Trading NSW that Sydney Creative Play Collective is no longer an Incorporated Association, following a vote by our board in December 2018. As also decided by our board, we have closed our bank account and distributed the remainder of our funds to┬áStory Factory.Continue reading “Sydney Creative Play is Now Closed”

Super Hero Party at UOW Early Start Discovery Space

One of the best investments you can make for your family is a museum membership. Particularly if you travel a lot, you can often get reciprocal member benefits at museums out of state. In the past we’ve bought memberships to Questacon and the Melbourne Museum and reaped the benefits here in Sydney. Perhaps our mostContinue reading “Super Hero Party at UOW Early Start Discovery Space”

Adelaide Adventures Part 2: Nature Play Festival

One of the reasons we headed to Adelaide during the school holidays was to check out the Nature Play Festival, hosted by Nature Play SA. Set in the Kuitpo Forest, about 45 minutes south of the city, the Festival spanned three days and we attended on the first. There were some logistical parking issues, butContinue reading “Adelaide Adventures Part 2: Nature Play Festival”

Adelaide Adventures Part 1: Museums

My kids love a good museum and Adelaide has some great ones, all of which offered school holiday activities. We started off at the South Australian Museum in the city – and as luck would have it, we were there on the last day of “Fossil Week”, a free event with lots of activities outContinue reading “Adelaide Adventures Part 1: Museums”

Maker Workshops at the Newtown Library

I have in the past lamented a lack of free kids’ arts activities in Sydney, but I have to hand it to the City of Sydney’s libraries which have been running some really great free afterschool programs. My partner stumbled upon them when I was sick one afternoon and he came home early to takeContinue reading “Maker Workshops at the Newtown Library”

Creative Re-Use: Painting on Plastic

I’ve been trying to combat after-school fatigue as much as possible with creative, open-ended projects. This one was inspired when I saw a neighbour throwing away this big plastic sheet. With the use of washable paint it’s completely re-usable and I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve. Yesterday we had some friends come byContinue reading “Creative Re-Use: Painting on Plastic”


You may have read me post before about “pop-up adventure playgrounds” but I had never actually been to a “proper” adventure playground before. I don’t know of any that exist in Sydney, but there’s one in St Kilda that had been on my radar for years and we finally got to go check it out.