Week 7 – Plus Download New Activity Guides

First of all, a very Happy Mother’s Day to anyone reading this today. I’ll keep this shirt and sweet and dive straight into this week’s episodes:

I spent a lot of time this week working on some free resources you can download. As part of the “Bingo” episodes I’ve created an off-brand, totally non-licensed character Bingo-inspired game.

Of course, it’s BINGO BINGO! Print it out and play at home – I hope you enjoy it.

And I’ve started put together packets of some of the activity ideas I’ve written up for 50 Days of Bluey plus learning areas they cover.

You can now download the first 10 episodes here:

50 Days of Blue – Part 1

Here’s a sample of what’s included:

I’ll release the next ten shortly.

I know some kids in NSW are returning back to school one day a week this week, but mine are not. For various reasons – mainly a household of Asthmatics – we’ve opted to keep them home until the end of term. I feel very lucky that I’m in a position where I can help them thrive in their home education. Neither of them wants to go back to school, which is lovely, but is going to be a whole other issue in a few months’ time.

For those of you continuing on this weird journey with, I hope a bit of play-based learning has helped has helped make your time in lockdown a bit more enjoyable so far.

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