New 50 Days of Bluey Lessons

Welcome to all the new subscribers I’ve gotten since launching my 50 Days of Bluey series. It’s wonderful to have people following along and finding ways to keep the kids engaged while we weather these challenging times.

One awesome fans of the SCP Facebook page has also taken the initiative of starting a group for people to share their own ideas and photos. Join us here:
50 Days of Bluey Fun

Because of the way this website is structured though subscribers don’t get notified when the new lessons get published, but you should all get notified of this blog post so I figured I’d link them all here as well.

Week 1 (23-27 March):

Week 2 (30 March – 3 April):

I’ve put the dates for people who want to follow along with others, but of course anyone is welcome to jump in any time, or use activities whenever and however it suits your family.

The links I’ve included to Bluey episodes on iView are active at the time of publishing, but as ABC cycles through episodes and doesn’t have them all available at all times, I apologise if a link from a past week no longer works.

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