Street Art Scavenger Hunt in Newtown

I love working on projects that are inspired by the local environment or neighbourhood, so with SCP moving to Newtown in 2018 it seemed fitting that we’d run some workshops inspired by our very colourful suburb. All of our spring school holiday programs were based around street art.

My favourite was our Street Art Scavenger Hunt. I ran this very similarly to our Cooks River Nature Scavenger Hunt despite the very different setting. Instead of photographing local flora I photographed local graffiti.

I put photos of all the murals to find together in a little activity book which also included a map of the area covered in the hunt and a page to draw your favourite piece of art you’d seen that day.

We met at Camperdown Memorial Rest Park where, before heading out to hunt for art we read a book called “One of a Kind” written and illustrated by former alt-rocker Chris Gorman.

The graphic style seemed fitting and it also carried a great message about celebrating your individuality.

I stayed behind with my littlest (pictured above looking nonplussed) so I didn’t end up getting any photos of the kids out and about. We also had a quick chat about road safety for good measure (though I tried to choose artworks that were mostly down quieter laneways).

After about 45 minutes we re-grouped at the park. Only one set of kids had managed to find everything on the list so I must have made it harder than I thought!

After comparing what everyone found and talking about the art we’d seen we chatted about “tagging” and looked at some examples in a street art book of different tags, recurring elements or images that street artists use to distinguish themselves. I handed out simple sheets with a black and white brick wall for the kids to create their own artworks on.

I’d also supplied some sheets of letters in graffiti styles that kids could cut out to create their own “tag”.

It was fun hearing the kids come up with their own tagger names, like “ICE” below. Although, funny story… my daughter Luella was brainstorming ideas and wanted to combine her first and last names. I think she was going for “Lu B.” but for some reason she cut out the letters “LU BE”.

That right, my kid’s known on the streets as LUBE 😉

It was a lovely way to explore our neighbourhood and pop down alleys and see art we’d maybe never noticed before. There’s so much around you could easily spend hours photographing it all.

And if you’d like to give it a go, I’ve made the Scavenger Hunt available to download here!

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