50 Days of Bluey

Earlier in 2020, while finding myself suddenly trying to homeschool my kids while in lockdown I turned to the one place that seemed to be keeping Australian parents sane: Bluey on ABC Kids.

Soon a new project was born: weekly activity guides based around Bluey episodes, all of which I’ve archived below. You can read about the project here on Kidspot.

First… a bunch of boring disclaimers:

  • These are not formal lesson plans and may not tie into whatever curriculum your child’s school is currently teaching. Rather, these are thematic activities and play prompts meant to inspire.
  • You can absolutely adapt these to suit your child(ren)’s age, interests and resources. Consider them jumping-off points to give a bit of structure to your days.
  • I acknowledge these may not work for everyone – you may not have access to nature, access to art supplies, these may not support children with unique learning challenges, may not be suited to all abilities. Again, feel free to adapt and use as it suits your family.
  • Please don’t come after me, ABC! I obviously don’t hold any claim or copyright of the Bluey characters or brand. My kids and I simply adore the show. I make approximately $0 from this project. I’m just trying to do a small bit to help fellow parents during a challenging time.

Ok, now for the fun stuff!!

  1. Army
  2. Asparagus
  3. Backpackers
  4. BBQ
  5. Bingo
  6. Blue Mountains
  7. Bob Bilby
  8. Bus
  9. Butterflies
  10. Camping
  11. Charades
  12. Daddy Robot
  13. Early Baby
  14. Escape
  15. Fairies
  16. Fancy Restaurant
  17. Featherwand
  18. Flat Pack
  19. Fruitbat
  20. Grannies
  21. Hairdressers
  22. Hammerbarn
  23. Hospital
  24. Hotel
  25. Keepy Uppy
  26. Kids
  27. Magic Xylophone
  28. Markets
  29. Mount Mumandad
  30. Neighbours
  31. Pirates
  32. Queens
  33. Rug Island
  34. Shadowlands
  35. Shaun
  36. Sleepytime
  37. Spy Game
  38. Sticky Gecko
  39. Stumpfest
  40. Takeaway
  41. The Creek
  42. The Dump
  43. The Pool
  44. The Show
  45. The Weekend
  46. Ticklecrabs
  47. Trains
  48. Zoo

Yes, so I realise I’m two episodes shy of 50. With new Bluey episodes recently airing, watch this space for the series completion.

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