Loose Parts Lab (Workshops)

Unique and creative workshops for school incursions, after-school programs, school holiday camps, playgroups, community events, and more!

Servicing the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney

Place-Based Scavenger Hunts
Flexible age groups, one-off workshop
Could be done at community gardens, parks, bush trails, etc.
I create a custom scavenger hunt and map and then facilitate the hunt, culminating in an art activity and/or story. Read about Nature Scavenger Hunts and a Street Art Scavenger Hunt I have previously run.

Loose Parts – Design & Imagination
Flexible age groups, done on your site as a one-off or ongoing workshop
Exercises around design and engineering to stimulate imagination.
We explore a theme (such as robots, transport, monsters, etc) and use a variety of loose parts to create something around that theme. I provide all materials.

Tinkering & Simple Machines
Flexible age groups, done on your site as a one-off or ongoing workshop
I provide tools and old, defunct electronics and guide kids through taking them apart, exploring the parts and what they do. We do  exercises around design/inventing and explore using simple machines (ie pulleys, levers, screws, etc.)

Theme-Based Art & Craft Workshops
Custom workshops for any age, around a specific theme/holiday/event
Examples I have run in the past include:
– Nature collages for Easter
– Art projects based around female artists for International Women’s Day
– Upcycling old books into paintings for Book Week
– Seed mosaics for a community garden event

Gardeneers Workshops
Flexible ages, 6-12 week workshop series
Utilising books from my series “The Gardeneers”, we explore permaculture principles through DIY activities which may include gardening, craft, building, cooking, sewing and more.

Messy/Sensory Play: Potions and Ice
Flexible age groups, one-off workshop
Children are given a range of materials to play and experiment with which may include: Potions (things that can cause reactions such as bicarb + vinegar, lemon juice, dish soap, oil, coloured water, etc.) and/or Ice Play  (frozen paints, flowers, toys, etc which they can then “excavate.”) These can be done around specific themes as well.

Portrait Making
Flexible age groups, one-off  or multi-part workshop
We explore a variety of media including water colour, markers, collage to create portraits (or self portraits). Perfect for Young Archies!

One-off workshop for ages 6+
We work on both story-telling and writing techniques as well as visual design skills, utilising mixed media/collage to craft a short book children can take home.

Page to Stage
A 6-10 week workshop for kids ages 6+
We use a modern or classic children’s book and adapt it into a stage play, culminating in a small performance. We’ll also play theatre games to improve confidence and acting skills.


Pricing varies based on group size, workshop length, travel distance, materials required, etc.

Email hello@looseparts.com.au to discuss your needs.

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