Episode Description: All aboard the Dad Train! Bingo goes from home to daycare to her job at the Vet every morning, but there’s trouble on the line as a mischievous Bluey throws everyone off schedule.


  • You can take Bandit’s lead and push some chairs around – or if you’re like me and worried about the floorboards, try making a cardboard train car. (That link is pretty fancy – you could simply grab a box, slap on some paper plates and have the kids decorate it.) Use some masking tape to lay down some tracks.
  • Don’t have a train set? Here are some DIY ideas:
  • Here’s a train card game (a super basic version of Carcassonne for my board game geeks) you can print out and play – great for preschoolers.
  • On the off-chance you have some copper wire laying around, you can make this cool electromagnetic train. If not, just watch the video and have the kids try to figure out how it works and have a lesson of magnets.
  • Can’t head out for a train ride? Take a virtual one! There’s heaps of YouTube videos that take you through train rides around the world. Tie it into a geography or world culture lesson, or just enjoy some pretend play as you travel through:
  • The snowy mountains of Norway
  • Montenegro along the Adriatic Sea (this goes for over 3 hours! some commenters have noted the highlights)
  • A highspeed bullet train to Tokyo
  • Several Disneyland train rides! (As well as a few other rides – warning, your kids may want to do this for hours.)
    And there’s plenty more you can search for! Where do your kids want to go??


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