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Episode Description: When Bingo drops Mum’s breakfast-in-bed on the floor, she’s convinced she’s ruined her big day. But Bluey helps make amends by putting on a play of how Mum and Dad first met.


  • Hopefully in your house, mum will get a real breakfast in bed for mother’s day. But perhaps today you can make breakfast for lunch (and eat it in bed?!) This has been my go-to pancake recipe for years (though I sub in 1/3 cup of almond meal for white flour for extra protein).
  • Ok, now that that’s out of the way, the show must go on! They very well may want to act our Bandit and Chilli’s origin story because it’s hilarious. Though you could also have them act out you and your partner’s story or if you’re a single parent, act out they day they were born, the day you met your best friend, or some other milestone from your life.
  • If you’ve got kids who can read, why not grab a script they can perform?
    • This site has free readers theatre scripts (though most require 3+ performers)
    • This site offers lots of scripts for kids, monologues, 2 person scenes and more, though some of the content you do need to pay for.
    • Or write your own! Here’s a free template the kids can use to write (or you can help them write) an outline of their play. They can improvise the dialogue or write it out.
  • Speaking of improv – there are heaps of improv games your kids can play.
    • An easy one is a take on charades but you incorporate an open-ended prop such as a stick, a ball, a cushion, etc. that you turn into something else (ie stick becomes a guitar) and the others guess.
    • A lot of lists of kids’ improv games are for large groups (ie a drama class) but there’s really lots of improv games for just two players – here’s a list you can adapt.
    • Or do an online class full of drama games on Youtube.
  • Have the kids create a Playbill for their show. You can use a Playbill template or simply have them draw/write one out.
  • There’s also lots of (filmed) theatre performances you can find on YouTube, though more likely snippets or a song or two than a full production. A couple of kid-friendly suggestions:
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