The Dump


Episode Description: On a trip to the Dump Dad claims he’s the best at everything. But Bluey discovers that Dad’s throwing out her old drawing and questions if he really is the best Dad in the world.


  • Who hasn’t been caught throwing away a scrap paper doodle only to realise it was a precious artwork? One simple solution if you’re de-cluttering is to help the kids make photo books of their artwork (so that the hard copies can go on to a new life as another kid’s drawing).
  • If your kids are game you can recycle their drawings into new paper! (If not, just use whatever scrap/recycled paper you have around.) This DIY shows you how to make paper with common household items. The paper will be pretty rustic, but it’s a fun, messy process.
  • This is a great chance to learn more about what happens to our trash when we toss it in the bin. Try these videos:
  • Head to the recycling bin for your next craft project. We’re always pulling things out for loose parts play (see Flat Pack or Rug Island for some ideas). Let your kids come up with some ideas for what they can make to divert items from landfill. Here are some ideas for common recycling bin items:
  • Hairy monster attack! Head to the local car wash or hand the kids the sponges and hose and let them be the hair monsters. The incredibly ambitious among you can make a PVC pipe “car wash” sprinkler. (Think I’ll save that one for a summer day and a lot of time on my hands.)


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