The Creek


Episode Description: Bored of the local playground, Dad and the kids go bush on a journey to their local creek. Cast out of her comfort zone, Bluey’s eyes are opened to the beauty of the natural world.


  • Head to the local creek, of course! Hop on rocks, look for tadpoles and just sort of muck around.
  • Make a boat from natural materials to sail down the creek.
  • On your way there, why not do a nature scavenger hunt? Here are a few you can print out and bring with you:

Bug Scavenger Hunt
Color Walk
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Five Senses Scavenger Hunt

  • Don’t live near a creek or river? DIY one in your backyard using tin foil.
  • Or set up a DIY mud kitchen in the yard. It doesn’t need to be fancy, with pallets and working sinks – just grab some kitchen utensils, baking trays and mixing bowls, maybe a box to be an “oven”, and dig up some dirt to make a bucket of mud (if it’s not readily available).
  • Don’t have a backyard? Take a cue from Bandit and set up a “day spa” in your bath tub. This is a good post-creek/mud play activity as well. You can simply toss in some essential oils, flower petals, herbs or make something fancy. Here are some recipes:

Unicorn Bath Salts
Lavender Bath Bombs
Lemon Vanilla Bath Bombs
Oatmeal Bath Bombs

(Admittedly some of these use ingredients you may not just have on hand, like citric acid or epsom salts… you can substitute things like bicarb, they just won’t hold together as firmly, but these are just jumping-off ideas.)

  • Tie in a book about rivers, creeks, spending time in nature. If you don’t have any at home, here’s one you can watch on Youtube: The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek.


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