Episode Description: Dad and his mates hit the backyard, ready to rip up some tree stumps! But when Bluey and Bingo take over a stump as a nail salon, Dad finds he’s got some negotiating to do.


    • I’m not sure how many people have tree stumps just laying around in their yard, but if you do, or can find one out in the bush, now’s your chance to decorate it. You can chalk it up, like the photo above or…
    • Get your lumberjack on with this DIY axe and beard. Or if you do happen to have an axe, here’s a great video on teaching kids how to chop wood safely.
    • More into tree-hugging? Go out for a walk and see how many trees you can identify. You can use an app on your phone (I use this one which is free for 30 days but you can pay beyond that), a field guide if you’ve got one, or try this website which has some info on how to identify trees based on their leaves.
    • While you’re out, take along some crayons to make tree bark rubbings, or collect fallen bark to take home and paint or turn into a craft like these beautiful tree bark lanterns.
    • Don’t forget to set up your nail salon! You can go all out using real beauty products, or if you don’t have nail polish and/or makeup that you’re comfortable letting your kids play around with you could simply use non-toxic washable paint with tiny brushes for nail polish or make some super easy kids body paint.
    • Alternatively if no one wants to get painted for real life, try a fingernail print-out – the kids can go wild with their designs. Here are some wacky designs for inspiration.
    • Finish off a hard day of play with a cool glass of lemonade. Try one of these mouth-watering recipes.
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