Rug Island


Episode Description: On Bingo and Bluey’s Rug Island, a pack of felt pens can be anything – bananas, campfires, even a snake! But Dad will need to embrace his inner kid if he wants to make it his home.


  • Felt pens here are really just a stand-in for any kind of loose parts, so let your kids loose with them! Blocks, marbles, pine cones, bottle tops, rocks, toilet rolls, buttons, pipe cleaners – if you don’t already have a loose parts box, now’s the time to start one. Here’s a more detailed loose parts primer.
  • Encourage your kids to build their own “rug island” or “blanket island” – inside or out. What can they use to create it? Will they build shelters and grow food like Bluey and Bingo?
  • Make some easy floral crowns with your little island dwellers.
  • Don’t want an entire island taking up your living room? Try some sensory play instead. Here are some ideas:

Sand Play Dough
Island Sensory Bin
Tropical Island Water Table (can be done in a bucket or bath tub)

  • Pull out the world map/globe and find as many islands as you can. Maybe choose one to learn about more in-depth. If you don’t have an atlas or books on the subject here’s a good geography lesson about islands.
  • Go a little deeper into different kinds of landforms with this video from Crash Course Kids. You may very well find your kids wanting to delve further into learning about mountains and volcanoes. It’s great to follow their interests and see what they want to learn more about.
  • Make sure your kids are getting some physical activity and kick around the rugby ball… errr, I mean, chocolate egg!


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