Episode Description: When Bluey visits the markets with five bucks from the tooth fairy, the options are endless. But as she and Indy scour the stalls for the perfect purchase, spending it proves hard.


  • Love a good pretend play session and setting up several market stalls with different goods and prices around the house is a great way to also bring some maths into your game (see also Kids and Hammerbarn). You could set up a fruit stall, jewellery stall, book stall – whatever you’ve got an abundance of.
  • This is also a good way to familiarise kids with dollarbucks – I mean, Australian currency. Get some money printables here or try this free Australian coin game.
  • Poffertjes! Oh, Indy, I feel you on the food restrictions.Which is is why I’ve found this recipe for refined sugar-free, vegan poffertjes! (They do have gluten, sorry Indy, but if you’re making them GF you probably know a lot more about substitutions than I do.)
  • And while we’re talking about sugar, time to learn a bit about teeth with these kids’ science videos:
  • Don’t forget Buttermilk! You can design your own rainbow dream pony with these free printables. (And if your kids are anything like mine, just beware they will probably also draw piles of pony poo.)
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