Episode Description:A quick trip to the shops proves tricky for Dad, when Bingo and Bluey want to play a game of ‘Kids’. Now Bluey is Mum, Bingo’s her baby and Dad is a very naughty boy.


  • Since you’re likely avoiding the actual grocery shops at the moment, why not set one up at home? Re-purpose a book shelf or some tables and chairs as grocery shelves and let the kids use tins and other pantry items to set up shop. Don’t have a toy trolley? How about a laundry basket on a skate board? Let the kids use their imagination and see what ideas they come up with.
  • Incorporate some maths by putting price stickers on the items and having the “cashier” add them all up. You could use real money as well and have the kids pay and make change.
  • Bandit gets forced to sit in the toilet paper chair. If you’ve been hoarding this precious commodity, can you build a toilet paper chair? Or some other kind of sculpture? What about toilet roll bowling? (Just don’t waste it!!)
  • Ok, so googling for toilet paper games brought me to this post called “Poop Party” and I’m just gonna leave the link here… follow your kids’ interests and all that.
  • Fruit and veg art! In the past I’ve done things like paint stamping with lemons and potatoes but it doesn’t seem like the best time to encourage food waste. Here are some no-waste fruit and veg inspired art projects:

Bubble Wrap Printed Fruit and Veg
Fruit and Vegetable Portraits
Fruit Sculptures (Just eat them up afterwards!)
Salt Dough Vegetables
Set Up a Fruit and Veg Still Life

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