Episode Description: Bluey and Bingo run a crazy “Hotel” with Dad as their put upon guest. But when Bingo quits over Bluey being too controlling, Dad needs to teach them the importance of compromise.


  • There’s lots to act out here and you don’t need a lot of props besides maybe room numbers and a suitcase – and of course a crazy pillow or two. In a time where no one is traveling it might be fun for everyone to act out a hotel stay.
  • Why should humans/dogs be the only ones who get to stay in a hotel. Try making one of these to invite some backyard creatures for a visit:
  • While we all love a crazy pillow, sometimes you need something softer to rest your head on. So, why not teach your kids some basic hand-sewing so they can make their own? This tutorial will teach several basic stitches and you don’t need to get fancy with a pattern – simply stitch two small pieces of felt together and stuff with cotton. Or go for a lavender eye pillow.
  • Alternatively you can make a crazy pillow case. Pick up a couple of cheap white pillow cases and try one of these techniques:
  • Need a few ideas for books to tie into the theme? Try one of these:


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