Episode Description: On a trip to Hammerbarn, Bluey and Bingo create their own mini-homes side-by-side in the trolley. But Bluey quickly gets jealous of her neighbour Bingo.


  • Set up your own “Hammerbarn” at home – the same way we did with a grocery shop in “Kids” though this one might be best played outside if you’re going to include things like tools, potted plants, and fairy lights. Stick on some prices, and there’s your maths lesson sorted.
  • Put the “hammer” in “Hammerbarn” and teach your kids how to use tools. Play tools are fine but I’m a big fan of letting kids use real tools. Here’s a TedTalk from Gever Tulley the founder of one of my favourite organisations Tinkering School on why tinkering is so great for kids. So why not let yours tinker around (under supervision for the littlies).
  • For a bit of extra fun, hammer out one of these projects:
  • Or you can make your own gnome “husbands” with some air drying clay and stick them in the garden (or your Hammerbarn shop).
  • There’s no shortage of paint swatch craft ideas out there. If you don’t have any lying around though, you can simply cut up squares of coloured paper to make your pizzas, hamburgers, dream houses, what have you. Mix a little red paint with some glue, add paper plates and you’ve got an easy pizza craft (see photo above).
  • Better yet, make a real pizza. You don’t need a fancy oven to make this kid-pleaser. Make your own dough and give the kids small balls of dough to make their own personal pizzas. Or keep it super simple with English muffin pizzas they can easily prepare themselves.
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