Episode Description: A game of “Grannies” is fun until Bingo and Bluey can’t agree on one simple question: Can Grannies dance? Now they need to video call Nana to get the answer.


  • I’m not sure what playing “Grannies” entails beyond spilling beans and causing general havoc, but hey, all it takes is a few scarves and tins of food!
  • What really inspired me about this episode was Bluey’s video call with her Nana. This is the perfect time to be video chatting with grandparents and older relatives who may be feeling the social isolation even more. Here are a few ideas to liven up your video chats:
    • Interview the Grandparents! There are loads of printable interviews out there, or customise your own questions. You could focus on world history, or personal family history, or on the ways technology has changed. Write up a report afterwards.
    • Play a game! Charades, Pictionary, Hangman, 20 Questions – anything you could play on a long car ride you can probably play over Skype/FaceTime/Zoom.
    • Read books together! If your kids are old enough to read, let them. But at any age who doesn’t love having a grandparent read them a bedtime story?
    • Learn or Teach a skill! Does your Nana speak a different language? Know how to knit? Bake the best blueberry scones? Ask them do a tutorial. Likewise, can your kids teach them a song they know? Teach them how to play a new game? Take a cue from Bluey and teach them to dance?
  • Learn to floss! Or any other number of dance instruction videos you can find on YouTube. Whether it’s moving your body to the latest craze or a way to learn about different cultures, there’s so many benefits to dancing. Here are some to try:
  • After you’ve worked up an appetite, why not cook up a batch of homemade baked beans for dinner! Kids can help with soaking the beans and making the spice blend.


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