Fancy Restaurant


Episode Description: Bingo and Bluey want Mum and Dad to smoochy kiss, so they set up a romantic evening for two at their fancy restaurant. Everything goes to plan until Chef Bingo’s special arrives.


  • Every time we watch this episode my kids ask to make jelly which makes me groan because although it’s possible to make vegan jelly I still think it’s pretty gross. If you like it, go for it! Alternatively, play with it! Jelly is often suggested as taste-safe sensory play for babies, but I see no reason why older kids couldn’t do it. Try a jelly alphabet sensory bin,  create a jelly ocean or dig for dinosaurs.
  • Depending on the age of your kids, and your comfort level, have them prepare lunch or dinner on their own. Rather than letting them completely loose, help them choose a simple recipe they can make themselves. This website gives some good ideas that are grouped by age. (Sorry fellow vegos, it’s pretty meat-heavy but easy to make substitutes. Also tofu is a great food for learning how to cut with a knife!)
  • You’ll need fancy menus for your fancy restaurant of course. You can download some restaurant printables, draw your own, or design one in Canva or Word.
    • Incorporate some maths by having the kids calculate your bill and make change.
  • My daughter loves watching cooking videos on YouTube – here are some fun ones we recommend that feature real chefs:
  • Yup, it’s gross but if your kids are anything like mine they will love learning about why do we puke? Very romance.


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