Daddy Robot


Episode Description: Bluey and Bingo don’t want to tidy the playroom, so they get Daddy Robot to do it for them. But when Bluey takes things too far, Daddy Robot malfunctions with disastrous results.


  • My kids love robots, so much show that for my son’s 4th birthday we made a “robot workshop” (seen above). Essentially we just put out a heap of cardboard boxes, tin foil, googly eyes and loose parts for the kids to assemble their own robots.
  • If you’re wanting to dive into real robotics there are heaps of robotics kits you can purchase. There are some other fairly simple projects you can do if you nick a motor from an electric toothbrush such as:
  • There are also heaps of circuit projects you can do, like:
  • Your kids will also love learning about amazing real-life robots, including robo-ants, butterflies and kangaroos plus robots that can cook you dinner. Or check out the fastest robots in the world. Not sure if they make any that’ll stop your kids from making a huge mess.
  • Grab the sprayer! I love sending the kids out with spray bottles to burn off some energy, simply running around spraying each other. But of course you can also use spray bottles for letter/number recognition games.
  • Now, I’ve not yet tried this “cleaning with dice game” but if it can help my kids tidy up AND learn maths, you better believe I’m going to give it a go!


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