Episode Description: While on a camping holiday, Bluey makes a new friend called Jean-Luc. Bluey may not understand him, but they find common language playing and hunting for a wild Daddy pig.


  • There are heaps of great pretend play camping ideas. If you’ve got tents already, why not set them up in the backyard (or living room)? If you’re short on equipment, here are some DIY ideas:
    • If you’re handy you can make an A-frame tent
    • If you’re lazy like me, you can just rig one up using sheets draped over furniture.
    • You’ll need some accessories like a DIY campfire, and maybe an Eskie and back pack full of supplies.
  • If you have the opportunity, head outdoors and build a fort out of sticks and leaves. If it’s big enough, this could even be your tent! Just watch out for wild pigs!
  • Speaking of wild pigs, mix up some mud paint (literally just add mud + paint – see photo above) and print out some pigs and let the kids go hog wild. Yes, they will likely want to paint themselves as well.
  • If your location will allow it, teach your kids how to build a real campfire. This video shows a great safe method with lots of tips.
  • Alternatively, if you’ve got a portable camping stove or even a gas stove top you can roast marshmallows inside. Or make a DIY roaster from charcoal and a terracotta pot.
  • Incorporate a little science:
  • Sing some songs around the campfire!
  • The episode ends with Bluey missing her new friend Jean-Luc and surely your kids will relate to missing their own friends right now. Write them an old-fashioned letter!
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