Episode Description: It’s lunchtime on Bluey’s back deck! But every BBQ needs a side salad, so Bingo’s relaxing sit-down will have to wait until she finds every colour of capsicum her cousins asked for!


  • Set up a pretend BBQ play area for the kids – let them choose items to stand in for food, the way Bingo does in her quest for every colour of capsicum.
  • Alternatively you could paint some vegetable stones – these work great for pretend play, as “story stones” or even as garden markers.
  • Speaking of vegetable gardens, now’s a great time to start one with the kids. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • You can use the tops of capsicums that would just end up in the compost bin anyway to do some paint stamping. The ends of a celery plant work great too. Check out some of the other veggie art project ideas from last week’s “Kids”.
  • If your kids are to little to help out at the real life BBQ grill, they can almost certainly help make salad dressing. Measuring out ingredients is a great way to incorporate a bit of maths as well. Here’s six healthy recipes to try out.
  • You can’t watch Bingo spray the hose all over without joining in, can you? While you can pretty much let them run wild with this, I thought I’d also include this great Garden Hose Maths Game – because I sometimes struggle with incorporating maths into play.


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